Emporer's Fools

Countdown to the 13th Hour

Tick, Tock

When we last left our heroes, they had been preparing to infiltrate the Revel of Darkness being held at the Manse of Gabriel Chase.

Entering the Great Mansion they are surrounded by a great throng of party goers. Blending into the crowd, the Acolytes began exploring the estate.

In the Grand Hallway they find the Great Hall of Clocks. Being used as a ballroom, the room was covered in clocks. At the Center was the Great Steel Clock, a massive exposed clockwork mechanism. It appeared to be out of phase with the rest to area. Despite its state, Caliden risked touching the mechanism and was overcome by a freezing pain throughout his body.

After conversing with the an elderly noble, the party deduces that the only way to stop the Widower is the stop the Steel Clock. The Steel Clock is counting down to the Grand Conjuction, and it can only be opened by Haarlock blood. The Acolytes need to get to the Keystone or destroy the Widower with overwhelming force.

Seeing a form with a Jackel Mask, duck into a side hallway the group gives chase. Entering a bar they find the room empty. After some searching they find a secret passage behind a portrait.

Within the passage, they encounter the remains of a sacrifice; it appeared that the Pilgrims had used the blood of one of the guest to open a warp portal. Luckily it had become inactive. Entering another passage they hear the Clocks ring out. Hall locks down and inverts. They are attacked by two combat servitors armed with chain pincers.

Striker thinks fast and utters a machine curse, disabling the drones long enough for the others to cut their power leads.

Entering another room they find a painting of Eramus Haarlock’s wife, whom bore a distinct resemble to the Gilded Widow of Solomon. Burfert, is intrigued by the various preserved species and takes tasting sample of the fluid. Finding it palatable (Just to him) he removed a fish like thing, and keep the bell jar.

The party found an exit behind the painting. Re entering the Hall of Clocks, the Acolytes find Lady Malau’s missing brother. He is nonresponsive, on closer inspection they appears to be bleeding, opening his shirt revealed that his heart was missing.

When the Clock finally counted down to the 13 hour, the entire sun was blocked out but and all was bathed in the red light. Madness erupts as the Pilgrims, the False Prophet, and The Widower all make themselves.

The battle did not go well for party:

Calliden eyes had been destroyed by a spell cast by the Heron Mask. And the others took critical damage from the daemon. Rameriz’s left arm was flayed by the Widow.

The Acolytes find themselves fending off mad cultists, a witch, and a Flamer of Tzcheetch, while watching the unfolding duel between the Beloved and the Widower.

The end came after the Widow dismantled the Beloved. Burfert, being the only who wasn’t dying was able to climb inside the Steel Clock and remove the Key Stone. Upon its removal the Widower exploded and only its face was left. The group barely escapes as the Clock exploded. Sid is crushed.

Before leaving, Burfert collects the Widower’s screaming face, and puts it in his jar(After downing fermented contents).

Being damaged but not totally incapacitated, Striker attempts to heal himself via his power.

In a act of utter failure he invokes Perils of the Warp and liquefies his organs, doing permanent damage to himself. Burfert is forced to drag his comrades, one at time outside as emergency services fly in. With communications back up, Septimus invoked full Inquisitorial authority to save the Acolytes.

Stabilized by EMTs the Acolytes are sedated and look forward to the appreciation of the rich and the powerful patrons of Quiddis.



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