Emporer's Fools


Continuing their journey into the prison complex, the party meets a lone Navigator named Nostromo. Nostromo was Haarlock’s Navigator and has been cursed to the stay on Mara till Haarlock’s return. He informs the Acolytes that they will need three elements to gain access to the Blind Tesseract.

A guide: Which he can be.

A talisman: They can use the Keystone for this.

A Path; For this they will need to find a Greyskin book.

He also mentions that other factions have different versions of the elements and are searching for the ones they are missing.

The Acolytes appears to be behind in a race they don’t want to lose. Taking elevators down to the midlevels they encounter one the mercenaries trapped. He offers information about his employers, in exchange for aid. Burfort is wary and is proven correct after the mercenary escapes, killing two Jansarries in the process.

Lastly the party encounters the leader of the Pilgrims of Hayte and his daemonic abomination.
The ensueing battle sees most the Janssaries killed and all the cultists killed. The fighting ends after Striker plunges his Force Sword into the heart of the Dybuk, channeling all his power he reduces the creature to cinders.

Searching the sorcerer’s corpse turns up neck chain in the shape of a spider: another version of the talisman element.



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