Emporer's Fools

Fire and Ice

Crash and Burn

Based on the Mirror Daemon’s information, the Acolytes are hurried aboard the warship Sigillite’s Word and sent to the ice planet of Mara. Aboard they are given their briefing: find the Blind Tesseract and stop any other party from securing Haarlock’s Legacy.

They are given free access to any equipment they wish, and warned of the lethality of the Ice station. They are also given command of ten man force of storm troopers, the senior female astropath Silinus and veteran battle psyker Samiel. Samiel warns of the warp predators located on Mara.

Exiting the warp the group finds that Mara’s blockade is already under attack and space battle involving a number of unknown parties is already well underway. The Word’s captain assures the Acolytes they will make planet fall regardless of cost.

Weathering the cross fire the Word makes it into orbit. Another ship materializes; it registers as Haarlock’s lost ship, the Spear of Destiny. The Spear of Destiny makes short work of the other ships. The Acolytes barely escape the Word, aboard their gun cutter, before frigate is destroyed. They lose Samiel in the hanger bay.

On route to the Ice station, the gun cutter is struck by a surface to air rocket. Despite Striker’s best efforts the craft crash lands, injuring and killing some of the passengers.
Salvaging what equipment they can, the survivors march towards the Ice Station.

As they are approached the courtyard, the party was ambushed by assailants manning the walls.
After an intense firefight seeing the Acolytes running through a rain of las bolts and rockets, they were able to eliminate their opposition. Inspecting the bodies indicated they had faced well armed mercenaries.

The Acolytes find an unmarked Lander on one the pads. Getting through its security they find it empty but in need a coded key to unlock the controls.

The next couple hours are spent exploring the compound and making their way through the prison/mining complex. They encounter signs of other groups and dark phenomena. One of their escorts goes made and turns on the group and has to be put down. They also encounter signs that another group has teleported in before them.

Ultimately they come upon as chamber where two forces are shooting at each other. One appears to be more mercenaries of the same troop encountered before and other appear to be cultists. An attempt to sneak up on the combatants is thwarted when Striker’s use of psykic powers attracts the attention of a warp tainted monster known as a Dybuk. Luckily the Acolytes were able to mow it down before it can get its claws on the terrified psyker. The remaining mercs escaped down one of the many tunnels and the storm troopers proceeded to hose the remaining cultists with full auto hell gun fire.

The Acolytes took the remaining time to secure the room, rest, and consider their next moves.



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