Emporer's Fools

Mid level Escape

The Acolytes find themselves in the the next level of the prison complex. Striker realizes that the veil of reality is thinner here, and cautions everyone to be on their guard.

All too soon their Astropath is revealed to infested by the vicious psyhocians. The warp predators attack the party, killing their two remaining guards.

Later the group encounters another Inqusitorial team lead by Inquistor Herrod and he orders them to hand over their elements and all information gathered. After a tense conversation, uneasy truce is struck with an agreement to continue on and meet up futher along the maze.

The party finds the elevators leading to the mine works proper but are ambushed by undead corpses laying in wait under the ice sheet with covered the room’s floor. The group chooses to evade the shambling horrors and make their way down to the tunnel works.



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