Emporer's Fools

One down, Five to go


The Acolytes enter another mirror door and end up in a war torn city. Surrounded by shelled out buildings and cratered roads, the group carefully picked their way through the rubble. Caledon is the first to recognize the area as one the wealthy districts of the capitol city on Scintilla.
As they travel towards the Inquisitorial palace, the party picks up a signal on the auspex. The signal has the correct Inquisition codifiers so they choose to trace it.
Following the signal brings them to a heavily damaged Rhino APC, buried under a large pile of rubble.
Inside they found the bodies of an inquisitor and a storm trooper. The inquisitor turns out to be an aged Striker and Caliden. Unlocking the inquisitor’s encrypted data tablet reveals his last log entry. It details infighting breaking out in the Inqusition, without Haarlock’s threat uniting them. This left the sector vulnerable to an invasion by the Slaugh. The acolytes are in the middle of a dead city as the Slaugh prowl for victims.
Immediately on exiting the Rhino, the party is ambushed. The two Slaugh overseers had caught up with them. Overmatched the Slaughs’ weapons, the Acolytes make a fighting retreat to the remains of the Inquisitorial palace. Striker makes valiant attempt to kill one of the overseers with his force sword, but owing to the race’s inherit psychic null field, it is useless. He is subsequently disintegrated by a beam emitted by an Slaugh destructor.
The acolytes’ tech priest is caught by one of the Slaugh’s giant harvester constructs. Only a lucky shot by Rameriz to one of its tentacles saves the engineseer from having his head bitten off.
The party barely has enough time to collapse the entrance and escape the blast from antimatter imploder device, and swing over a chasm to a newly opened mirror door. All them make it through with the angry harvester snapping at their heels.



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