Emporer's Fools

The Unvarnished Truth

A Trap sprung

Having overcome the Inquisitorial Kill team, the party receives a call from Eupheme Tassel. Meeting at her office, she confirms that the mirror shards are warp tainted and that there were two mirrors at Haarlock’s Folly. The mirrors were used by Erasmus Haarlock to trap a daemon and question it. He broke one of the mirrors into 13 fragments and they were subsequently looted and passed down through Sinophian society.

Tassel reveals that her grandfather had one of the fragments. She hands this off to the Acolytes, who decided to use it as bait.

Before they can plan their ambush, the group gets a summons from Enforcer General Khan. Unfortunately Burfort goes out of his way to antagonize the general and the Acolytes are thrown out.

Soon full civil war breaks out as the general is ambushed and the enforcers start killing civilians. Amid the chaos the Acolytes get word from Marshal Skarman to meet up with Constantine at the docks. He had been separated from his riot squad was awaiting a Rhino to pick him up. As they near the location, the group is chased by rioters and get ready for a stand off. Suddenly an Arbiter Rhino APC appears and fires on the crowd.

In a surprise move the Arbiters then open fire on the Acolytes. After disabling the Rhino and killing the Arbiters, the group discovers that they have killed more zombies. These Arbiters appear to the have been recently killed and resurrected. The only conclusion is that Marshal Skaarman is the one behind the murders. Constantine is able to the get the Rhino up and running and the group starts back towards Haarlock’s Folly. Burfort is able to convince the warring factions to send representatives to the Folly and to temporally stop shooting each other.

Heading to what looks to be the root of this mystery the party arms itself for the showdown.



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