Emporer's Fools

Zombies, Mirrors, and Magic

Gain a Tech Priest, Lose a Turn

Sending their gathered allies as distractions, the Acolytes sneak into Haarlock’s Folly via the ventilation system. Finding themselves in the basement morgue they find Tech Priest they had not met before.

Hearing sounds of more zombies awakening in the corpse storage area the group decides to coop the priest, who happens to have keys to the tower elevators.

After making their way to the top level, Burfort throws out a precautionary grenade, revealing a group of highly mutated zombies lying in ambush.

Fighting is tense as Acolytes face corpses with overgrown muscle, psychic shrieks, chaos fire, and wicked fast talons.

Sid is cornered and barely avoids being torn apart by one brutish zombie; only luck and concentrated fire from his companions, save his hide.

In Marshal Skarman’s office they find a datapad with a list of all the victims and their locations, confirming he is behind the murders. Finding a hidden staircase the party interrupts Skarman’s ritual to free the Mirror Daemon.

Skarman and the Daemon prove powerful foes, attempting to dominate and confuse the Acolytes minds with their powers. Resisting the urge to fire on one another or jump out of the window, the group incinerates Skarman’s face with a plasma shot and the send the Daemon back into one of mirrors.

The Daemon recognizes that they have the last mirror fragment. It offers the group a deal, in exchange for free it and allowing it to pass back into the warp; it will answer all their questions about Eramus Haarlock, his plan, and undo the unrest in Sinophia Magna.

The group accepts this deal, figuring that having more information, and not gaining an immortal daemon as an enemy, being in their best interests.

Questioning the Mirror Daemon reveals that Eramus Haarlock wanted to turn back time and resurrect his lost family, no matter the cost and ruin it will bring to the sector. The key to the Haarlock legacy lies buried on the ice world Mara. The key is known as the Blind Tesseract, a door way to the unknown.

Oddly true to its word the Daemon leaves and the storm over the city dissipates. Leaving the tower the Acolytes notice that all the corpse zombies have collapsed, robbed of the chaos energy sustaining them.

Later, Arbiter Constantine is made head of the Arbiters on Sinophian and Cal Sur’Maywroth is made new head of the government. Each Acolyte receives a hefty sum of thrones and the Sinophian Blood Laurel, the highest commendation from the Sinophian government.

The Acolytes know where they will be sent next, the forbidden ice planet Mara. It is blockaded by the Inquisition for a reason. Horrors inhabit this place and our adventurers know they will be sent into the heart of it. The odds of survival are not so great.



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