Erasmus Haarlock

Missing Rogue Trader




See Haarlock Warrant. Found on Solomon.

What the Acoloytes Know

Eramus Haarlock is the supposed to be the last of the Haarlock line.

He became unwilling embroiled in conflict for the Haarlock warrent. His wife and children were killed and he swore revenge.

Came back with unnatural tools and weapons. He wiped out anyone in his way for revenge.
Disappeared into the Halo Stars.

Seeks to resurrect his family no matter the cost.

Target of Calaxian Inquistorial interest.

-Known locations with holdings/visitations before disappearance.

Solomon The Buring Isle
Quiddis Entire city of Xicraph, The Estate of Gabriel Chase.
Sinophia ?
-Mara – Ice Station – the Blind Tessaract

Erasmus Haarlock

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