Sgt. Fordan

" You Fools, just stay out of my way!"


Threat Level: Hereticus Minoris


Sgt Fordan, was part of a rival Inquistorial recovery team sent to retrieve artifacts from the space hulk: Twilight.

During an attack by Dark Eldar Pirates, he revealed himself to be a double agent.

Assulting a distracted Coverdale, Fordan escaped with a copy of the Daemon Chaotica.

He seemly aided the Acolytes in stopping a zombie attack on Secephrus Secondus, but made away with an unknown occult artifact.

After escaping the Buring Isle on Solomon, Fordan robbed the drunk Burford of the Silver Key artifact. He escaped by flying over to an escape vessal, despite Burford’s attempts to shot him down with his grenade launcher.

Sqt Fordan has been a constant thorn in the Acolytes side and has mocked them at each turn. He has been revealed to be working the for the Serrated Query.

Sgt. Fordan

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