You are briefed en route to Mara aboard the warship Sigillite’s Word.

You are being sent on this mission with the full blessing of Inquisitor Holmes, and Inquisitor Silas Marr.

As a part of the briefing you are given the following information, as well as a brief planetary reference for Mara, a writ of authority from Inquisitor Marr and a sealed Inquisitional report You are also informed that these should be regarded as ‘untrustworthy’ (See Player Handouts I, II, and III)

• You are being dispatched, with full writs of authority, to Mara, known by secret lore within the Holy Ordos to be the location of the so-called ‘Blind Tesseract.’

• After the abandonment of the penitentiary on Mara, a bombardment squadron was dispatched to shatter the planet’s crust using cyclonic torpedoes in the hope of ending the potential threat. The squadron disappeared under unknown circumstances and since then, the Inquisition has declared the world forbidden and maintained a blockade of the outer Mara system. Small expeditions have successfully travelled to Mara and reported various mysterious and often contradictory phenomenon and ongoing danger. Larger landings, both deliberate and accidental (such as the infamous incident of the troopship Vervilix which made a forced landing
on Mara in 810.M41; see page 34 of the INQUISITOR’S HANDBOOK for more details), have all met with utter disaster.

• Your authority has been granted directly under the seal of Lord Inquisitor Caidin, master of the Conclave Calixis himself, at the request of Inquisitor Marr who has taken a special interest in the Haarlock matter.

• The matter is to be pursued with great dispatch, and the
warship Sigillite’s Word has been placed at your disposal
to ferry you to Mara.

• The eyes of the Holy Ordos are upon you; failure is not an option.


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