Intel on the Haarlock Legacy so far

• Erasmus Haarlock was an infamous Rogue Trader of
frightening power who hunted down and exterminated
the surviving members of his bloodline in a bloody purge
more than a century and a half ago.

• In the years after the destruction of his family, Haarlock
pursued an obsessive and secret quest that remained
unknown to outsiders; a quest that took him to both his
family’s ancient domains and the far-fl ung reaches of deep
space, leading him to become one of the most shadowy
and powerful fi gures in the Calixis Sector in the process.

• After not returning from some secret voyage for many
years, he was fi nally declared lost more than a century ago
in 703.M41. Without an heir, his Legacy—both in terms
of his domains and his family’s Rogue Trader warrant, a
thing alone worth a hive world’s ransom—fell into the
interminable wranglings of the Chancellery Court on
Solomon and was never resolved. In the century since then,
Haarlock’s estates and property within the Calixis Sector
either were appropriated, fell into ruin, or were shunned,
and Erasmus Haarlock became a fi gure of dark legend.

• At an ill-omened hour around a year and a half ago all
across the Calixis Sector, past domains, devices and
forgotten sins of the Haarlock line stirred in their slumber.
In doing so they unleashed a chain of mysterious, unnatural
and deadly events. These matters and their often bloody
consequences drew the attention of the Holy Ordos of the
Inquisition, as well as a number of dark factions and cults,
to what became known as the ‘Haarlock Legacy’ and what
it portended.

• Through analysis of the evidence of the Legacy’s strange
happenings and the involvement of the Acolytes, the Holy
Ordos has learned that the fi nal key to unlocking the
mystery of Haarlock Legacy is an utterly forbidden locale
known as the Blind Tesseract. This place, hidden deep
beneath the ice of Mara was Haarlock’s last destination,
where he is believed to have ‘gone beyond’ and from
where he will soon return.

The Haarlock Warrant is ancient; awarded to the line
following the dark days of the Age of Apostasy. During
centuries past, Erasmus’s ancestors were involved in what
would become the Calixis Sector, and have played an important,
mysterious and often bloody role at various parts of the sector’s

Erasmus Haarlock possessed a genius-level intellect, and over
time, he developed mastery of both Xenos science and Warp
Sorcery. He also studied and collected many secrets and artefacts
gathered by his bloodline across the millennia.
Haarlock’s private war of extermination began when the
patriarch of the Haarlock Rogue Trader household, Albrach
Haarlock, uncle to Erasmus (himself then a young man), died
without naming a successor—as was the clan’s tradition. In the
bitter confl ict that followed, Erasmus Haarlock lost his beloved
wife and only daughter. He later hunted down and killed every
member of his family, their families, friends, allies, and all that
stood in his way to avenge the deaths of his loved ones and
become the last Haarlock. It is said that he took great pains
to infl ict upon his blood family the same kind of loss he had
sustained before their fi nal destruction.
The one thing that Erasmus Haarlock desired after the death
of his wife and daughter was to undo what had happened to
them; to make them live again and return to the life that they led
before they were slain. This became his abiding obsession, and
Haarlock was willing to pursue any means to this end. In pursuit
of this goal, he went beyond the realms of sanity, morality and
mortal ambition.

Haarlock’s ancient domains are strange and deadly places
where time and space often do not seem to fl ow normally,
ancient horrors lurk and the dead do not rest peacefully.

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Intel on the Haarlock Legacy so far

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