Psychneuein – The Mara Strain

Thankfully rare, Psychneuein vile warp entities drawn to the mental emanations of unprotected, badly injured or nascent psykers whose minds they attack for the obscene purpost of gestating their progeny. Psychneuein have been known to evidence various distinct genus, of which the Mara Stain is deemed amoung the most dangerous.

The Mara Strain

The Mara Strain was first identified by Ordo Xenos Inquistor Ark-Ashtyn during a heavy infestation at the mining penitentiary on the ice-world of Mara in the Calixis Sector, three centuries ago. Although the Mara facility was subsequently decommissioned, the tale of the “ice station massacre” remains a favorite dark fable among the sector’s spacefarers. Since then, confirmed incidents of Mara infection have occurred on the sector worlds of Dusk, Lachrymae, and Pellucida V as well as several vessals transiting near Mara, although these incidences remain thankfully very few.


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