Sinophia Magna

Planetary capital and last bastion of the world’s faded glory, the city of Sinophia Magna was laid during the world’s settlement at the behest of High Captain Teresa Sinos to be her royal seat, and no expense was spared its creation. At the heart of a river confluence surrounded by fertile tidal wetlands, the rogue trader founded her city on deep-sunk black basalt foundations and crowned it with rose and white marble, sheerstone imported from far-distant Lys, and colonnades of statuary to echo the splendours of dimly remembered ages past. Inherent to its design was her own love of complex order and mechanism, and she laced it with intricate webs of canals and walkways, hidden plazas and winding labyrinths. Magna was built to appease her conqueror’s vanity and provide homes for her favoured followers’ families and their servants, whilst her imported population toiled elsewhere in her domain.

Unfortunately, history had something else in store for this jewel of splendour. Today, Magna is little more than a stained and faded monument to past glory, where sedition and vice take centre stage. Now the poor and the underclass crowd tenements cobbled together from crumbling mansions and dilapidated forums, whilst galleries of idle pleasures have been converted to ramshackle industrial units needed to maintain what’s left of the planetary economy. Many of the noble families still exist, clinging mercilessly to their threadbare power and self-delusions behind guarded walls. Since ancient times, Sinophia Magna has been divided into a number of districts; those of particular character are detailed briefly here.

Locations of interest within Sinophia Magna

District I Prime

District III The Commercia

District VI The Granite Colonnades

District VII The Shadow Manses

District X The Saint’s Wash

Districts V and XIII The Sinks

Flavius Starport

The Clockwork Court

The Sanctum

The Turning Hand

The Celestine Wharf

Haarlock’s Folly

Sinophia Magna

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