Emporer's Fools

Profit and Loss


As the Acolytes continued investigating over next days, they made new contacts and learnt that the victims did have a common thread:

Of the nobility, Viscount Sur,Seculo was the most recent victim, while investigating his mansion the group finds that the security footage is blank for the time of the attack and a hidden viewing area where there used to lay a hand frame holding a broken mirror fragment, the cloth has the same warp signature as was found at Bal Grey’s.

The leaders of the Undertow make contact while the party investigates the murder of a drunkard whom was rumored to the have a ‘seeing glass’ which he never let go. From the one surviving witness, they learn that unholy terror ripped apart the bar and all its patrons. The Undertow’s Rag court explains that 3 of their number have been murdered and blame rest with the Mandato, war will break out soon. Burfort convinces the crime lords to hold their wrath while the investigation continues. He also uses this opportunity to unload his drug cache for a very large profit. After meeting with the Undertow, the group meets with the noble lord Margrave Cal Sur’Maywroth. He comes off as a rather shifty fellow, being next in line to rule the council if the Judiciary dies. Burfort sells him the wine and the group is swimming in credits once more.

The group learns that they have been summoned to stand before the planets rulers, the Quorum at the Clockwork Court. Marshal Skarmen arranges for a morning meeting. Arriving at the outer halls they are delayed by guards who seem to think they have already arrived. Marshal Skarmen walks out, arguing loudly with a court official. He shouts that the Acolytes are the honored guests that were invited!

Then all hell breaks loose. The Acolytes enter to find the room massacred and imposters executing guards and council members. On closer inspection the imposters turn out to be living corpses, and are highly resistance to the party’s efforts to shoot them down. By sheer luck Sid finds that each zombie is wearing an incendiary belt, and orders everyone to aim for those.

Afterwards the Acolytes find that they are too late, the Judiciary had been executed and his mirror fragment taken.



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