Emporer's Fools

Smuggler's Rain

Welcome to Sinophia

When we last left our heroes they had effectively saved the paradise planet of Quiddis. All members had been severely injured in both body and mind. Luckily the nobles of Quiddis had access to the best medical care money could buy. This was lavished on the Acolytes, all receiving high grade augmentics, and access to rejuv tanks.

After spending some time relaxing, and re-equipping the group received instructions to travel to the former hub world of Sinophia. A series of gruesome murders threatens to unleash a Civil war between the corrupt nobility and the criminal Undertow. The Acolytes were to meet up with the local Arbites forces and uncover the cause these crimes.

Being gifted free transport and the Guncutter: Equalizer; the acolytes set off.
Reasoning that a trade starved planet like Sinophia would be ripe for profiteering, Burfert convinces the group into pooling their money to buy a large quantities of rare Quiddis vintage wine(for the nobles) and high grade obscura(for the lower classes)

Amid a heavy storm they touch down at the star port and are met by a harangued looking adept. Apparently the Acolytes were not expected so no transport had been arranged for them. Taking a water transport the group witnesses a firefight on the canal between a shipping vessel and some hijackers.

Choosing to avoid the confrontation, the group soon found themselves a Haarlock’s Folly, where the Arbiters had stationed themselves.

The party meets Arbiter Fihad Constantine, adjunct to Marshal Skarmen. From their interactions with Constantine the Acolytes learn:

The murder victims have all been torn apart as by an animal.
No recording or witnesses to the murders have been found.
No connection between the victims has been determined as they have been from different social strata.
The group is allowed to exam a recent victim in the morgue.
A fresh murder occurred as they arrived and the scene was secured for them to investigate.
Striker was stuck a feeling of oppression and darkness from the Folly rendering it unsuitable as a base of operations.

Taking a loaned ground car, the Acolytes investigated the scene and followed that the body had been torn to pieces and signs of gun fire. The victim, Bal Grey, had been a mid level criminal and had not gone down with out a fight. Outside the group found what looked like a corpse riddled with shotgun impacts. Inside Striker found a cloth with a fading emanation of the warp.
During their investigation, Rameriz noticed a lone figure watching from a roof top. A chase across the slum rooftop ensued, ending when Rameriz shot the legs out from under the runner with a well placed long las beam.
Unfortunately, the tight lipped prisoner turned out to be an operative of the Sinophian secret police, the Mandato, so had to be returned.



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