Emporer's Fools

Spectres of Doubt

Enter and Exit the Spectre Cell

The following day, the Acolytes learn that the city is great turmoil following the death of the Judiciary and the Arbiters are out trying to prevent more civil unrest. The head of the Mandato: Enforcer General Xiabius Khan is demanding to see them, and they are down to two more leads. First they meet the Eupheme Tassel, Keeper of records at the clockwork court. She illuminates them on the history of the clockwork court, the folly, Sinophian history and what little she knows about the mirror fragments. She promises to research more and contact them. Using a second lead, the Acolytes drive to the old House of Amorite. Lady Amorite is said to have locked herself in her rotting manse, only gaze at a mirror which reflects her younger self. The Acolytes arrive to find the gates knocked aside and Lady Amorite cornered by another group of the risen dead. This group seems more deadly and intelligent, delaying the Acolytes; long enough for one of their number to kill Lady Amorite, steal the fragment, and escape through a window. During the fight, candles were knocked over and the dry, dusty house catches fire. The fire quickly spreads and the Acolytes are forced to retreat. Burfort attempts to track the lone zombie and discovers vehicle tracks leading to main road towards Prime sector. Unfortunately the rains washes away the rest of the trail.

Regrouping, the group is surprised to pick up an Inquisitorial request for rendezvous. Meeting at an abandoned manufactorum, the group meets another group of Inquisitorial operatives. The cell, spoken for by operative Hellos questions the Acolytes to their knowledge and involvement in the Haarlock Legacy. Sid makes a case for joining forces to solve the murders. Hellos explains that his team is a Spectre Cell and is under orders to eliminate any who know too much about the Haarlock Legacy and are thus deemed too dangerous by his masters. The Acolytes realize they are about to become victims of inter-Inquisitorial politics.

In an unusual (for them) display of excellent tactical thinking, the Acolytes prevail against the highly trained and equipped Spectre cell. Striker uses all this psyker potential to uncover the hidden sniper before she can pop Calliden’s head like a balloon. Burfort and Sid barely avoid getting split by the cell’s force sword wielding psyker. The fight ends when the remaining two operative attempt to flee via a grapnel hook through the sky light. Sid takes his one plasma gun shot and incinerates the pair. Taking their victory as a sign that the Emperor favors their path, the Acolytes loot the weapons of their worthy advisories. If not for their master’s orders the two groups may have been allies, at least their weapons may still shed blood in his holy service.



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